FNB Withdraw Service with PayPal

FNB Withdraw Service with PayPal

Exclusive to FNB customers in Botswana

FNB brings you the Withdraw Service with PayPal – now you can receive payments using PayPal and withdraw the funds to your qualifying FNB account.

PayPal is a payment service that enables you to accept payments, pay for goods and services and send money almost anywhere in world. PayPal keeps your information protected by using powerful encryption methods.Read More

Login to withdraw from your PayPal account or register for FNB Withdraw Service with PayPal.


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4 Easy Steps to getting paid with PayPal


Create and verify your PayPal account

Create and verify your PayPal account in order to receive payments online.

  • Go to www.paypal.com/bw
  • Click on 'Sign Up'
  • Select either an 'individual' or 'business' PayPal account
  • Complete the required information and create your account
  • Confirm your email address
  • Verify your PayPal account by clicking on 'Get Verified' and then linking a credit card or cheque card
Sign up for PayPal

Open an FNB account

To open an FNB bank account, you will need to;


Register for FNB Withdraw service

Register by logging in with your PayPal login details on the FNB Withdraw Service website www.fnbwithdraw.com

You will be required to grant FNB access to your PayPal account to process withdraw transactions, provide your FNB bank account details, ID and registration number if applicable, enter the One Time Pin sent to the mobile number or email address maintained by FNB


Get paid with PayPal and withdraw to FNB

Getting paid is safer, faster and easier with PayPal

Help grow your business by accepting up to 26 different currencies through multiple payment methods used by over 180 million active users in 203 countries and markets

Transfer funds (USD) received from your PayPal account to your FNB account in your local currency.

A withdraw from a PayPal account takes 5 to 8 business days